Regarding delivery

Delivery charge

If the total price of the product is 10,000 yen (tax included) or more, shipping is free.If the total price of the product is less than 10,000 yen, the shipping fee is a flat rate of 935 yen.
*Additional charges may apply to Okinawa, remote islands, and some areas.

About product shipping methods and delivery status

Products ordered by customers will be delivered by Yamato Transport, and products over 300,000 yen will be delivered by Sagawa Express.
*Delivery company cannot be specified.
*We do not accept shipping overseas.
*If you have multiple orders with the same shipping date, delivery name/address, and payment method, we may combine the orders into one package for shipping.

After the shipping procedure is completed, we will send a shipping information email from Application < >.
If you have any inquiries regarding delivery after shipping, such as changing the delivery address, specifying the delivery date and time, or not receiving the product after the specified time, please check the delivery company name and inquiry tracking number provided in the email. Yes, please contact the baggage inquiry service listed below directly.
*It may take some time for the delivery status to be reflected.
*Inquiry slip number is customer-specific information required to track and confirm the delivery status on the delivery company's website.

Go to Sagawa Express' baggage inquiry service page
Go to Yamato Transport's luggage inquiry service page
Japan Post Mail Tracking Service

About specifying delivery date and time

With the exception of orders for reserved items and back-order items, you can specify the delivery date and time when placing your order.
If you would like to specify a date and time, please set the date and time during the order process. Please note that depending on the region, traffic conditions, and inventory status, we may not be able to deliver within the specified time slot.
*If normal delivery such as surface mail is difficult, we may not be able to accept your specified delivery date and time.
*We cannot accept requests other than the selectable dates and times.

Regarding the number of days required for shipping, if you do not specify a delivery date and time when placing your order, the product will be shipped from our store on the day of your order at the earliest, or within one business day at the latest. You can check the status of your ordered products 24 hours a day from "Order History/Shipping Status".
*Delivery to Okinawa and remote islands may be delivered by surface mail depending on the order details. Please note that in this case, delivery may take longer than usual.
*In the case of bank transfer, we will proceed with the shipping procedure as soon as we receive confirmation that the payment has been completed.
*Pre-ordered items may take some time to be shipped.
*Delays may occur due to traffic conditions, weather, etc. at the time of delivery.
*We cannot accept requests such as holding items on hold or postponing shipping.
*Pre-ordered items will be shipped based on the expected arrival date.
(*Estimated arrival date is subject to change.)
*For back-ordered products, delivery times vary depending on the product.
*Please note that due to a rush of orders during sale periods, shipping of products may be delayed compared to normal times.

If the period for receiving the product has passed

As a general rule, cash on delivery items can be received for 7 days from the date of arrival.
If you are not home, the delivery company will leave a notification of your absence.
Please be sure to adjust your desired delivery date and time and receive the item within the reshipment period. The product will be automatically returned to us in the following cases:
*If you are unable to contact the contact information listed on the absence notice *If your address is unknown

Returned products will be processed at our discretion.
If you are unable to receive the item due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact our store in advance so we can reship the item. Depending on the situation, we may not be able to accept reshipping. We cannot accept reshipping after processing, so please contact us before sending back. If the customer declines to receive the package or is absent for a long period of time due to personal reasons, we will take measures to restrict usage and limit the payment method to credit card payments. Please be sure to receive the items you have ordered.