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Detail, which operates this site, respects your privacy and takes great care to protect your personal information.

When collecting personal information, we make the purpose of collection clear to the provider and use lawful and fair means to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose. In addition, such personal information will only be used for sending catalogs and direct mail, mail order sales such as shipping and contacting products, responding to inquiries, and other purposes within the scope disclosed.
Except in the following cases, we will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the individual. When disclosing or providing personal information, we will endeavor to ensure that the other party takes measures to protect it, including preventing inappropriate leakage of personal information.

* When a subcontractor uses the information only within the scope necessary for business purposes.
* When there is a legitimate need for disclosure based on laws and regulations, etc.
* When using in the form of statistical data that cannot identify individuals, we will develop necessary internal rules and management systems to protect customers' personal information and devices on which personal information is stored from unauthorized access and leakage, and use appropriate methods. We will manage it.

If a person requests disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information held by our company, we will respond within reason after confirming that the request is made by the person in question. .
If you have any questions regarding your personal information, please contact the contact point below.
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Privacy policy (handling of personal information)

This website uses cookies for the purpose of improving customer convenience, enriching content, and statistically understanding usage status. A cookie is a data file that a website sends to your computer so that when you visit the same website again, it recognizes that the website was accessed from your computer. Thing. Unless we obtain your consent, we will not obtain personally identifiable information through the use of cookies.
This website uses cookies and the ad technologies listed below for the following purposes. Please note that when using these services, we will not provide your personal information to each provider.

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* purpose of use:
* To investigate the number of users and traffic of this site and improve the service.
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* How to collect and use access information: stipulated in Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google Privacy Policy
* How to disable collection of access information and advertisement delivery: Please see Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on and Google Ads Settings.

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* How to collect and use access information: Use of personal data for advertisements distributed by Yahoo! JAPAN
* How to disable advertising delivery: Advertising optimization settings You can set your browser to display a notification when you receive a cookie or refuse to receive a cookie, but Please note that some content may not be available if you do so. The setting method differs depending on the browser, so please refer to the help for your browser.